'Takeaway 2', Caen Limestone, 18x28x18cm
'Butt 1 and Butt 2' Portland Stone, kilkenny marble, Ham stone. Doulting stone, Gold leaf and rust. 75x13x13cm and 13x75x13cm
'Bag For Life' Statuario marble and gold leaf. 25x25x14cm
'Fossil Fuel' Great Tew Ironstone. 23x23x30
'Big Takeaway' Doulting stone,  55x35x30 and 'Crushed Can', Iron Stone, 13x14x24
'Stuffed Box' Portland stone and Statuario Marble. 20x20x30cm
'Crushed Box' Portland Stone and Statuario marble, 18x20x30cm
'Crushed Box' Portland stone and statuario marble, 15x20x30cm
'Plastic Cup', Alabaster, 22x14x14cm
'Crushed Box' Portland stone, 22x22x15cm
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