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I carve stone and marble in minute detail to mirror the discarded waste of human consumption. These objects document the tiny imprints of human use. Plastic bags, cardboard boxes and tin cans are squashed, crushed and wrinkled whilst still displaying traces of mass production.  

‘My aim is to raise concerns about our environment and question contemporary ideas of material value.  These sculptures seek to blur the boundary between traditional and modern art and make people look again at the things we take for granted.’

“Toms Sculptures are nothing less than genius. I can’t praise his work highly enough.” - Rebecca Gordon-Head Curator-Rise Art.

“‘His exactness and craftsmanship coupled with his clever creative insights and examinations certianly won over the shortlisting panel’” Whats Hot London.

Toms sculpture series reminded YBA Gavin Turk of his own work-high praise indeed.” - Rise art website.